Divesite Madeira


We are very lucky to have an amazing house reef in front of the diving center with a good amount of marine life. Our house-reef is in the underwater ECO PARK of Funchal


National Park Garajau

The diving areas within the underwater ‘Nature Reserve’ are the cleanest in Madeira, offering a wide diversity of marine life. They are all easily accessible and only minutes away by boat. Two times a day we go out by boat.


Large tamed Groupers, big schools of fish such as Amberjacks, Tuna, Barracudas and Mantas.
Depth: 15 m – 27 meters
Boat: approx. 15 min.

Grouper in Garajau           Grouper in Garajau


Two pinnacles that rise from 30 meters, covered with yellow Anemones offer a fascinating view of Barracudas, Stingrays, Morays, big schools of Amberjacks and Trigger fish.
Depth: 12 m – 30 meters
Boat: approx. 15 min.

Barracuda           Moray


Volcanic Reef, with a good amount of marine and plant life. You can see  Stingrays, Morays, Trigger, Parrot Fish, Grouper, Hogfish and many other species.
Depth: 10 m – 30 meters
Boat: approx.10 min.

Anemony           Damselfish

ECO PARK Funchal

Club Naval

Numerous canyons at a maximum depth of 23 meters and abundant aquatic life.
Depth: 12 m – 23 meters
Boat: approx. 4 min

Grouper Arrow Crab


This Sand dredger which sank on 25 March 1996 was known as the Bom Rei. However, in its shadowy past it was also known as the Bowbelle. On the 29 August 1989, the Bowbelle was involved in a tragic accident on the River Thames in London, UK, as it rammed the dance-club boat called the Marchioness. The sad result of the accident was 51 dead. One year later, the boat was sold to a company in Madeira as a sand digger and renamed to Bom Rei.

During routine sand dredging operations, the boat broke in the middle and sank at a depth of 32 meters. The wreck is still in good condition and offers refuge to a varied range of fish and marine life. After only a short time, marine plants grew in abundance on the wreck and the boat has become a pulling point for underwater photographers and video enthusiasts. Due to its relatively shallow location (from 18 meters) this wreck is the ideal location for the special wreck diving course.

There are so many interesting points to see that more than one dive will be necessary. This is a great opportunity for NITROX diving. Strewn around the ship are many parts, such as the vacuum head, chains and ripped off pipes. The boat is partly clear underneath enabling divers to swim under the belly.

The digger which is situated on the sand filled deck offers a home to various Moray Eels. At the forward end of the ship, two large Groupers have made a home.

Depending on the weather, we dive at this location at least once a week.
Depth: 18 m – 27 meters
Boat: approx. 40 min

Bowbelle Bowbelle


The steamship Pronto was torpedoed after statements of a local news paper in the World War I in front of the harbor of Funchal.
The bow section of the ship as you can see in the pictures is falling apart.

You can still recognize the machine-area with the boiler.

Barracudas, Stingrays, Morays, big schools of Amberjacks,

Depth: 30 m – 33 meters
Boat: approximately 3 min

Wreck Pronto Wreck Pronto